Oliver Wilson and Adrian Meronk on the range at the British Masters 2023.

One of the keys from the recent article 6 Practice Keys was looking at how to structure your practice.

When building your practice plan its always best to begin your session with the technical drills your swing needs to focus on, and throughout the session slowly progress into more of a ‘game mode’ where you’re working through your full routine and hitting shots simulating an on course scenario as best you can.

The two videos below is a great look at the technical drills both players are working on…even during a tournament!

A question that often comes up often in lessons and in the Online Academy is ‘How long do I need to work on the assigned drills for..’ The answer will be different for every player depending on how much they need to exaggerate and adjust their impact alignments, but often the drills that work for your swing will be a continued part of your practice structure long term. Watching the short clips below is a great example of this.

  • Oliver Wilson working on good pivot turn rates and organizing arm and wrist structure.
  • Adrian Meronk working hard on posting up on his lead side. This is called a/p force, using the ground to push from his anterior side to his posterior side. This aids in producing lower body rotation and stability through impact. He’s using what’s called a ‘Force Pedal‘ under his lead foot to build more awareness of this force. He also has a training aid called a ‘Smart Ball‘ in between his arms too which helps build connection between the torso and the arms throughout the swing.

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