The Coaching Process

Making sure you are enjoying and playing golf to the level you want is the number one priority. Getting you there in the quickest and most efficient way as possible is the pillar behind all the coaching programmes you will find here. Whether you have had coaching in the past or this is your first time getting a coach on board, I want to walk you through the process. Real change and development is what it’s all about. Here’s how we do it…

It Starts with Defining Your Goal

What is the one thing that you want from your golf, that will mean by achieving it will make life better! This looks different for every player.

  • Extra distance
  • Lower handicap
  • Break 70, 80, 90 or 100 consistently!
  • Hole more putts
  • Eliminate three putts
  • Become confident with your wedge
  • Lower your score without changing your swing
  • Play golf pain free
  • Learn golf for the first time and get comfortable playing with new players
  • Make more money on a professional tour
  • Improve the aesthetics of your golf swing
  • Strike the ball pure and have control over your ball flight as often as possible

Establishing this outcome is key and it’s the first step between player and coach. We the take this goal and break it down so it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed. This gets things started with clarity and focus.

Game evaluation

This is where you find out exactly what stands between you and your goal. We are lucky to have the best coaching technology to diagnose your swing and evaluate your game in a way that it can be measured. By using Trackman and slow-motion video analysis we can identify the fastest route to your goals. The depth of evaluation will depend on the goals we have set at the start. We may need to evaluate statistics, physical characteristics of your golf swing and mindset in order to create an effective action plan.

Identify the 20% of work that will give you 80% of your results!

The learning process

There is so much spoken about in golf with respect to WHAT to do but very little on HOW we can do it. A clear concept and sharp perspective on the task at hand is critical. Our concepts shape our golf swing and by changing our concepts we change our movement. The golf swing is a skill just like any other. Diving into the learning process with right perspective will deliver the best results. Along the way there may be some road blocks as learning is rarely a linear process. Having support will relieve doubts and keep you focused on the end goal.

Setting out effective practice guidelines and structure

Effective practice programming is a key element that will enhance the process. Whether you have 20 minutes at home or 4 hours a day at the golf course to practice you must make the most of every minute, and having a plan is key.  Dividing your practice up between Block, Random and Competitive practice is what will enable us to make lasting improvements that you can take to the golf course.

Feedback loop and adapt when needed.

The feedback loop you have in between lessons is what keeps you on track to reaching your goal. Every repetition is either making us better or keeping us the same. One of the difficult aspects when improving a movement is the difference between what we feel is happening and what is really happening. This is the main driver behind the Hybrid Coaching. It keeps the feedback loop complete, so you arrive at your next session, ready to advance.


Whether its a Technical, Physical, Strategic or Mental change, a successful outcome will require all of the above. And when all the work pays off its back to the beginning to set bigger and better goals for your game, because in the words of Tiger Woods,

We can always get better

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