Transition, (when the golfer changes direction from backswing into downswing) arguably the most important piece in the golf swing, a good kinematic sequence develops speed, reduces risk of injury and enables players to line up the club face and path relationship consistently.

This is the third video in a mini series where we’ve looked at the Stretch Shortening Cycles (SSC) in transition that powerful players display. If you haven’t seen the last two check them out before diving in below.

Video 1 Here- X- Factor Stretch

Video 2 Here- Lead Arm Adduction

In this video we’re going to be looking at the final SSC which happens in the Lead Wrist. We’re going to look at the different release styles players display on tour and then give you a way to analyse your own release style. If you notice some of the characteristics we’re looking to avoid, there’s a simple drill you can start to work on next time you head out to practice.

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