Once you know WHAT to practice, the question then becomes HOW to practice it? This is one of the biggest benefits of the Online Academy, because unlike a normal in person session, the coaching doesn’t stop once the hour is up, you’ll have the feedback, support and resources you need along the way to achieve your goal and make lasting changes.

I’m going to share 6 Keys below to incorporate into every practice session that can help to accelerate your progress.

1. Dynamic Warm Up

The golf swing needs some joints to be stable and some joints to be mobile, a good dynamic warm up will focus on both.

2. A Plan

Write down the technical drills, skill drills and challenges you’re going to work on before you head to the range.

3. Structure

Start your practice session focusing on the technical elements (you might even completely detach from the outcome here) towards the end, simulate game mode as best you can.

4. Feedback

Probably the most important element, this could be the ball flight, video analysis, launch monitors, 3D Software, statistics or training aids. Differentiating between feel and real is the biggest challenge, feedback is the answer.

5. Mindset

This can propel you forward or hold you back…don’t check for for results from swing to swing or session to session, but instead review your progress monthly, quarterly and yearly. In the Online Academy we check in on technique every 28 days and if your goal is score specific we review your statistics quarterly or every 8-10 rounds (whichever comes first). This allows time for progress to occur and trends to develop.

6. Reflection

Use your notes app and write down what feels, drills and concepts resonated and worked the best. This information is gold for your coach if you’re working with one, but you’ll also end up with a library of tools and concepts built for you and your game.

That’s it for now! If you’ve found the article helpful please share with a friend who may find it useful too. And if you’d like to check out the Online Academy visit the link below or shoot me a direct email, would love to hear from you!

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