Balancing the steepening and shallowing elements is a constant work in progress for all golf swings, and each swing can fall too far on either sides of this spectrum when strike and ball flight control becomes difficult to manage. The players who I’ve been lucky enough to work with who play at a high level often sit slightly too far on the shallow side of the spectrum when their ball striking isn’t quite where they would like it.

With the shallowing pieces outweighing the steepening pieces players will often mention the strike being slightly thin, trajectory a little high and often there may be too much right to left curvature on the ball flight.

These are exactly the characteristics the player below was looking to improve. In this analysis we go over the feels and concepts the player began working on which created a shift to his impact numbers. The angle of attack steepened, the low point went forward, the dynamic loft decreased and the spin axis tilted less to the left.

Pro Player Swing Analysis (Pt 1)

Pt 2

Tailored Swing Analysis

The key is finding the pieces you need more or less of in your swing. Do you need steepening elements or more shallowing elements. A tailored swing analysis can give you the answer and drills to these questions which will accelerate progress and create direction for your next practice session.

In the Online Academy this is exactly what you’ll get. Access to the growing video library, practice resources and tailored coaching for your game and your swing every month. I’ll leave a link with more information below or feel free to contact me for a chat to see if it would be a good fit for your game.

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