Before you jump into the video, it’s important to mention, there is no one perfect takeaway.

Instead there are many takeaway styles that can be very effective.

So how do we know if we need to work on our takeaway? The ball flight, the ball flight will always let us know whether we have a swing characteristic or a swing fault.

In this video we focus specifically on improving a takeaway that takes the club too far on the inside with a lot of disconnection between the lead arm and the chest.

However if this is a characteristic in your takeaway and you’re happy with your ball flight, then there’s no need to change a thing! But if you know your takeaway is making transition and finding consistency through impact difficult then this video is for you!

For an in detailed analysis of your golf swing, along with access to all the resources in the Online Academy head to the link below and get started today. Hope to see you on the other side,


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