The most important aspect of any practice plan is making sure the drills, concepts and intentions you are working on are tailored for your swing, and the tendencies and patterns you already have.

After reflecting on a couple of lessons this week there were a couple of times where the solutions and instruction given were completely different from player to player. The harsh reality is if these players were given each others lesson there would be a high probability they would get worse!

So if you’ve been putting in practice time recently and haven’t seen any indication of progress, there’s a good chance this is why. Its so easy to do and not because you have poor information, you just don’t have the information that you need for your swing.

This is the key behind the Online Academy, the list of resources and ways to achieve progress is always growing in the Academy, but also the guidance and direction in which resources will work for you. That is the key. Whilst progress isn’t always rapid, you should be seeing indications of improvement almost straight away.

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