Being a great putter comes down to having a high level of skill in 3 areas…

  1. Starting your ball on your intended target line
  2. Adapting, managing and controlling the pace of each putt
  3. Visualizing the break

Below you will find 3 drills that are specifically created to help you improve your skill in each of the areas mentioned above.

These drills are SKILL BUILDERS and can be used by any player, which is different to TECHNICAL drills. Technical drills need to be tailored and specialized for each individual as each player will have different tendencies. Combining the two will yield the best results however enhancing your skill is always a good thing to work on, regardless of technique.

Drill 1- Start Line

Calibrating your club face aim and start line is a great way to start out your putting practice session. Follow the steps in the video and putt 3 sets of 10 balls through the gate. Use the feedback you’re getting from the task and allow yourself to self discover any adjustments needed.

Drill 2- Building a System to Manage the Pace

This is a great SKILL building exercise. The more you do this drill you’ll begin to really calibrate your speed control to each length of putt. A must when it comes to reducing 3 putts from your stats.

Drill 3- Visualization

Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different perspective. When practicing your breaking putts, experiment with both types of visuals and find which delivers the best results for you.

Setting time aside to work on your putting can be much easier when you have a plan in place. Put this into play next time you’re warming up or have a spare 30 mins. I promise you won’t regret it!

If you have any questions about any of the drills in this practice plan don’t hesitate to reach out, and if you think this might help another golfer you know, feel free to share!

Speak soon,


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