3D Motion Capture has Arrived

Whilst Trackman has taken the guesswork out of what the club is doing to influence the ball, 3D Motion Capture has taken the guesswork out of what the body is doing to influence the club.

Really exciting to begin building swing blueprints and improvement plans with even more accuracy.

Your 3D Assessment Report Will Include

  • Full Body Tilts, Angles & Rotations
  • Centre of Mass
  • Wrist Data
  • Thrust, Sway & Lift of the Pelvis and Ribcage
  • Kinematic Sequence Graphs
  • Bio Feedback Training
  • 3D View from CV, DTL or OH
  • Much More…

An efficient Kinematic Sequence is something the worlds best ball strikers have in common, and its not something we can see or measure using video. Analysing this graph using 3D Motion Capture helps us identify how well a player can generate and transfer speed from the ground, through each body segment and out into the clubhead, and identify any areas that can be improved throughout the system.

An efficient sequence will produce consistency, reduce risk of injury and allow the club to accelerate and reach its highest speed at impact.

The graph above shows great potential for improvement.

The Benefits of 3D Motion Capture

  • Uncover areas of untapped potential
  • Identify potential anatomical restrictions linking to swing characteristics
  • Identify and develop movement patterns long term to increase speed, develop consistency and minimize injury
  • Learn what certain positions FEEL like with Bio Feedback to speed up the learning process

A Full Assessment Equips us with Everything we Need to Build an Action Plan that Works

If you would like more information on what a full assessment includes or would like to book a date for your assessment don’t hesitate to get in contact, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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