The first is an example of a player looking to improve distance and improve AOA with their Driver.

The attack angle is typically negative and the player feels as if there should be more distance and speed. The set up and backswing are going to be key areas to focus on improving. Specifically how the player loads into their backswing. The ribcage moves towards the target from the takeaway and continues to do so excessively until they change direction.

This makes it difficult to initiate the downswing from the ground up, causing the ribcage to outrace the pelvis in transition. By working on loading into the backswing more efficiently we’ll develop a situation where the pelvis speed can peak earlier and transmit more energy through the kinetic chain.

Speed aside, this will also help the player improve their low point and AoA control by lessening compensations to the swing center late in the downswing.

Next up, here’s a Three-Dimensional look at The Pivot & Clubface Relationship

I don’t think either of these release styles are necessarily ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, I think what determines that would the ball flight the player has and the miss they have a tendency for. But, ribcage rotation and how we pivot through the ball can be a very helpful concept. Achieving it however usually means doing some work earlier in the swing.

Lastly, here is an example of using 3D can help us identify with a lot more accuracy.

Identifying the pelvis working towards the ball in the downswing is a swing characteristic often spoke about, often described as early extension, or loss of posture. But sometimes that can begin happening much earlier than we think.

Here is an example where we can see this characteristic happen as early as the takeaway in the backswing. Identifying this will speed up the players ability to improve impact by focusing on attacking the characteristic correctly.

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