This is a great progression drill that goes through the key body positions and sequence that we see in the most consistent powerful golf swings. You can do this drill at home or on the range, all you need is two alignment sticks.

This drill will train…

-How to separate the lower body from the upper and why it’s important.

-Build a good sequence from set up to top of backswing. Highlight and fix issues such as sway or over rotating the pelvis too early.

-Improve rotation of the torso and pelvis in the backswing.

-The transition is arguably one of the most important sections of the swing. The most powerful players go through a stretch shortening cycle which puts energy into the system. This drill can give you a feel for this movement.

-Shoulder and hip tilts are key for setting and maintaining posture. This drill will help visualize and give you a feeling for maintaining your inclination to the ground.

If you found this drill helpful, please share with a golfer who you think it may help too!

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