The one thing we must do when we’re looking to reduce the amount of, or direction of curvature on any ball flight is to change the relationship between the Club Path and Face Angle. This is a very reassuring thing, because if we manage to do that, the ball flight WILL change, without any doubt!

(Click HERE for a detailed look at the Club Path and Face Angle in a previous article)

At the beginning of a 1-1 lesson I’ll even go as far to say that I guarantee we will change the ball flight today, within the next hour, even if the player for example has battled with a slice their whole career. It may sound like a risky guarantee, however if we get to the route cause and adjust club path and face angle, the ball flight will improve, every time!

This change in ball flight may not mean that the player will now ‘own’ or retain the new ball flight or movement by the end of the lesson, but the process and a feeling of how the swing needs to feel to repeat the new ball flight will be clear.

The other refreshing aspect of improving ball flight is even though there is only one way to do it, (changing the path and face relationship), there are MANY ways we can get there.

In the video below lets look at one way we can turn a slice or a low pull ball flight into a draw by improving the body pivot into the backswing.

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