When I’m working with players 1-1, one of the most common requests is, “I’m looking for more consistency“. When we look further into the word ‘consistency’ it almost always boils down to the need to improve strike and eliminating heavy and thin shots.

To be able to achieve this goal we must address why the players low point isn’t consistent, and whilst there are a number of things a player may or may not be doing within their technique to achieve this, the checkpoints in this article are more than likely not too far away from what you need to be working on.

Position 5

The picture above is 3 Professional Golfers at one of the most telling moments in the swing. When the left arm (for a right handed player) reaches parallel to the ground in the downswing. At this stage in the swing all the best ball strikers begin to look very similar.

Studying this part of the swing can tell an awful lot about a player’s ability to strike the ball consistently with effortless speed. Achieving this dynamic look halfway into the downswing however is achieved by doing the right things leading up to it, starting at the set up.

It’s a position that’s created by doing things well in the backswing and transition. So in that sense the position itself should rarely be coached. With a player who is struggling with thin and heavy strikes and also the feeling of holding on through impact are all signs this is an area that needs attention. Pain in the lead arm/ elbow can also be developed if the movement is repeated. When they study their swing at this stage in the downswing you will notice the club much further away from the body.

The Checkpoints

The following videos cover the main checkpoints to work through in order to begin building towards more consistency.

Early Releasing, Casting, Throwing, Why I Love Helping Players with this Swing Characteristic..

What to Look out for when Videoing your Swing

The Grip

The Body Pivot is the Engine

Putting it all Together..

By working through each of these checkpoints you will be able to find which piece is missing and holding you back from creating the consistency of strike you’re looking for with effortless speed.

If you need help to analyse your swing and feel there may be other areas holding you back don’t hesitate to reach out. We can set up a video analysis online.

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