One of the biggest indicators of a players score is their ability to hit greens in regulation. Maximising our driver distance off the tee can be a great way to help improve this statistic. By adding those extra yards off the tee it means we will have less club in our hands on our approach shots, this can greatly improve our proximity to the hole.

Getting Optimised

Generally when we think more distance we think, more speed, and whilst club head speed will increase our potential for distance we’re going to instead turn our attention to the all important Low Point and Angle of Attack to maximise our potential instead.

Every players club head speed will be different, therefore each players optimal launch conditions will vary. To identify this we look at your club head speed, your launch angle and your spin rate. These help us indicate if your ball flight and distance is optimised. One of the factors that has a great influence on these indicators is achieving a positive Angle of Attack. This means we need the low point to be before the ball, rather than after it.

What numbers should I be looking for?

The table below provides us with some helpful benchmarks. Notice that the lower swing speeds need higher launch angles and spin rates and the higher swing speeds need lower ones.

The average club head speed for males is between 90-95mph, ladies it is around 65mph.

Rory Mcilrorys is 118+.

How to create a positive angle of attack

Achieving this requires some adjustments at set up and within the swing. In the video below I take a look at Rory McIlroys golf swing and highlight the main keys that enable him to be one of, if not the best drivers of the golf ball in the world averaging 320 yards from the tee. This means more wedges into greens and shorter putts for birdie! Lets take a look…

Remember, we don’t need to swing like Rory to play our best, but by taking a look at some of the key characteristics we can begin to create the correct concept and picture in our mind to begin optimising our own swing.

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