The clubface whether we like it or not is something that we are constantly responding and adapting to throughout the swing. To see how powerful it is, next time you practice try hit some shots with an extremely closed club face and an extremely open club face and see how your movement adapts to try and return the clubface back to square upon impact.

This can work both ways, if the clubface is working through functional positions it will encourage efficient movement and unfortunately the opposite is just as true.

So, if you’ve been working on implementing something new in to your swing and feel like its just not happening, make sure to check the clubface before you do anything else.

In the video below we’ll go over 3 checkpoints through backswing and downswing to watch out for. So next time you get out to practice capture a swing from down the line and pause it at these 3 positions and see where your clubface is.

If you find its outside the ranges, good news, you’ve found a big piece that’s been holding you back.

The next step from there would be to figure out why its out of range, this can be for a few different reasons depending on the player. It can be grip, wrist angles, forearm roll, the pivot and sometimes it just comes down to building up an awareness of what the clubface needs to be doing throughout the swing.

Once you get the right drills and concepts in place progress will begin to pick up again, and fast.

For an in detailed analysis of your golf swing and most importantly a tailored action plan to put in place check out the Online Academy below!

I hope the video has helped and given you some ideas to look out for next time you head to the range.

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