I’ve been giving lessons Online for a few years now but in the last 2 years I’ve put a lot of time into building the Online Academy because of how effective this style of coaching can be.

I’ve gathered 5 reasons why the Online Academy is working so well, this is feedback I’ve received from members but also from my own experience and seeing how players develop over time using the Online Academy.

Progress Takes Time

The Online Academy is designed for players to really get into the process of improving, its what happens after you’ve received a lesson that counts and the Academy supports you through the process of improvement.

Example: New Driver €600-€700 OR 10 Months of Coaching!


Its difficult to get it right the first time, the reality is the drills you start with may need to change over time. As an Online Academy Member you don’t need to wait to book in another lesson, the communication lines are always open and we can make adjustments quickly and easily to keep you on track.

More than Technique

You will have instant access to all the resources inside the Academy, everything from movement preparation to understanding impact laws to building a strategy to Step by Step courses and more. The resources inside will help you become your own best coach.

Digest and Review

Sometimes you get home from a lesson and all the questions that you forgot to ask come flooding in. It takes time to digest information and the Online Academy allows for that. You can take the new information to the range or to the golf course and when you’re ready you come back with any questions you have.

Your Driving Range at your Time

Record your swing at your driving range or your home course. Take your time to collect the swings you would like analysed during the times that work for you.

Online Academy

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