The quick video below is looking at not so much the ‘what’ we need to work on in our swing but more at the ‘how’ you’re going to work on it and where to place your focus. 

There’s really two options when it comes to where we place our focus, internally or externally. 

Both can work really well, and my preference is definitely a balance of both.

For example, let’s say a player is struggling with a slice due to their sequencing in the downswing. Part of their practice would be to focus on starting their downswing from the ground up, hips->torso->arms->club, this would be focusing on body parts and places the focus internally.

They could then move onto having an external focus such as the ball flight and what they want to do with their club path and face relationship. Focusing on hooking a ball from right to left around a tree would be an external focus where the player can then allow themselves to self organize to achieve that task and let their training take over, and as a result, achieve the movements and club delivery they need more of.

Every player is different and what works really well for one player may not for another, the key is to experiment with both. Keeping your end result and target the same, but explore the different ways to go about achieving it. 

If you were to think back on when you felt your best on the course, where was your focus at that time? And also think back when you felt you were having your most productive practice session, where was your focus then?

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