Recently Chris Como shared some of the progress he’s been making with Jason Days golf swing over the past year. One of the most noticeable pieces was the pitch of the shaft at Position 5 (P5) when the lead arm is parallel with the ground in the downswing.

Shallowing the shaft has also been a topic for a couple of players I’ve been working with recently too so I wanted to share why a player might want to work on this and dive into the swing changes Jason Day and Chris Como have been making to help build the picture of what a ‘Steep’ Vs a ‘Shallow’ shaft at P5 might look like.

If you feel this is something that may need some attention in your own swing, towards the end of the video we’ll go over two keys to look out for that will begin setting you up for a better P5!

For a detailed analysis of your own golf swing check out the Online Academy below!

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