Clinics designed by you for you

If you have a group you need to entertain for an hour, or even three days. We will design any clinic with your needs in mind. To give you some inspiration, below is an example of our last clinic in Marbella!

Example 3 Day Clinic

The aim of this clinic is to provide a valuable learning experience to brand new and existing golfers in a fun relaxing environment.

Skills that will be included in this three-day clinic will include:

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker
  • Full Swing

Each section will cover with the fundamental pre and in swing principals in the following order:

  • Explanation
  • Demonstration
  • Instruction
  • Observation
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Fun skills test with scores recorded to present winners of each area in the last session.

Skills test will include Trackman for full swing to enhance the experience of each player! Longest drives and closest to the pin/target are a couple of examples that will give great enjoyment to the group. An on-course experience will be possible on the second day. This will be optional. This will make it easier for people to either go to the course or they may prefer to continue in the practice area if not yet confident enough.
Prise giving on the final day will include prizes that will be helpful for each skill learnt over the three days.

Clinic Design

Bespoke ClinicsDuration available from 1 hour to 3 days
Pricing will vary based on Type of Clinic

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