Aspiring Player Development

For the player looking to play collegiate golf, compete professionally or just wants to give it there all!

This means EXTRA WORK!

Coaching for the serious player looking to maximise their performance by putting the extra work in. Ideally for players who are or working towards playing professionally and working towards collegiate golf.

The Extra Work

A key component for this player is recording statistics. Statistics are a key component to any training program however at this stage it becomes a non negotiable if players are to structure training effectively. Ideally players will have already tracked a minimum of 10 rounds of playing statistics and continue to submit stats throughout each season. The reason for this is at a high level the margins for improvement become much smaller, and an accurate assessment is vital to begin putting a training plan in place.

Coaching Checklists

  • Full game evaluation
  • Periodic player skill assessments
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Goal setting – Outcome and Performance
  • Training plan updated monthly between coach and player

Coaching Plans

Due to player tournament schedules coaching plans will adapt as and when needed. During travel and tournaments work is done remotely.

You’ve got to stay patient, stay in the moment, keep grinding…You never know what can happen…

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